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Back in early eighties , Edwin Van Hellenberg Hubar, who just completed his degree in Economics, began his research on mosquito nets. He was particularly interested in finding a simple solution to his native Amsterdam’s annoying mosquito problem. Klamboe® Mosquito Net Collection was formally established when he visited Asia. And with help from his companion, Saskia van Vollenhoven, the creative director of Klamboe® Collection, the company has been producing and marketing well-made, high quality, and convenient mosquito nets in a variety of designs and colors. The materials used to make the net are high-quality micro polyester and All -Natural nets made from 100% natural cotton or bamboo fibers.

Klamboe® mosquito net canopies are the most efficient and environmentally friendly solution to avoid the nuisance of zooming and biting mosquito's. No need to use electric devices or toxin-infused aerosols etc. which are of course unhealthy to humans, both elderly and children.
Klamboe® mosquito nets are not only very practical, but decorative as well as you can see on the various images on our website

Our high quality mosquito nets do not only provide an undisturbed sleep, they are of course the best protection to avoid spreading diseases such as malaria, dengue and chikungunya in case you live in areas where these diseases do occur.

We are more than ever dedicated to producing durable and affordable mosquito nets that are healthier and which give ecologically-friendly way to protect yourself, your family and the environment. You will surely benefit from our experience and expertise when it comes to using comfortable mosquito nets.

All mosquito nets exclusively made by us are professionally tailored with superior run-proof weaves from a variety of materials in many attractive colors and convenient sizes. The mosquito nets being produced by our company are long-lasting, attractive, and perfectly finished. We assure you of maximum enjoyment of this product because it has been made with you and your health in mind. You are the reason why we are here and your comfort and safety are our watchwords.
Please let us know if you have any further questions by contacting us.

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