Travel Mosquito Net 'Compact'
Travel Mosquito Net 'Compact'

Travel Mosquito Net 'Compact'


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Our Travel Mosquito Net Compact has been around for many years. Because it is lightweight and small packaged, it is found ideal for traveling. It fits around both single and double beds. It can be attached to a point above the bed, but can also be hooked on a string which you clamp across the bed transversely.

We also have special clips that you can stick to the ceiling (available in our mosquito net shop in Amsterdam – please e-mail us for more info). When traveling, these travel mosquito nets can be used in hotels that are often without air conditioning. Hanging the travel mosquito net is not complicated at all.

Circumference : 41' 0.1" ft/in
Height  : 8' 2" ft/in
Bamboo frame : 1' 12" ft/in
Weight (from) : 1.3 lbs
Mesh : 196 holes/inch2
Material  : 100% polyester
Packing  : nylon bag
Price             : $ 89 (compact light- regular)
: $ 119 (impregnated)