Mosquito Net 'IGLO'
Mosquito Net 'IGLO'
Mosquito Net 'IGLO'
Mosquito Net 'IGLO'
Mosquito Net 'IGLO'

Mosquito Net 'IGLO'


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The Mosquito Net IGLO is a multi-functional Mosquito Net suitable for both indoor and for outdoor use the Iglo is also perfect. It has a fine, thin polyester floor and can be closed with a zipper.

The IGLO is available in two sizes: the double version of 5' 11" ft/in wide and 5' 11" ft/in in height. (the double IGLO offers plenty of room above the head!). The single version is 3' 4" ft/in wide and 3' 4" ft/in high.

Both IGLO models are 210 cm long. If you put the IGLO on the bed, you could opt to cut out a cross in the bottom and then put the resulting flaps under your own mattress.

Single Double
Length : 6' 11" ft/in : 6' 11" ft/in
Width : 3' 3" ft/in : 5' 11" ft/in
Height : 3' 3" ft/in : 5' 11" ft/in
Weight : 1.76 lbs : 2.53 lbs
Price $ 45 $ 69
Mesh 196 holes/inch2
Packing:  : nylon bag (about 24 inches in length) 

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